Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Over It... ugh!

I think I have a problem (actually I know I have lots) but jeeze one day I am so happy, the next I spend all night crying (no that wasn't me last night lol).

Everything just seems so hard at the moment ok really only 3 things : job, money and weight loss.

Job front - still don't know about the temp govt job which is annoying, I have an interview on Thursday for a 3 mth contract role but the market is soo hard at the moment and slow. This job issue leads on to money issues.

Money - I need it lol. Luckily I am working 1 day a week at a real estate office so thank god I will now be getting some money in weekly but I now have no savings and credit card debt (thanks band) and it is depressing. I had so many things I wanted to do/have done this year by now and they all have to be pushed back like 6 mths plus and it just gets hard. When I moved to Melb I had no $ and when I moved back here I had no $ so I know I can get back to where I was financially 6 mths ago but it just depressing.

Weight loss - Ugghh its so annoying seeing everyone else's different weight loss, some people same weight as me has lost double in half the time or not much in triple the time. It's frustrating oh and I am possibly (hopefully) getting more fill tonight and I think I will be at my sweet spot which is good because I feel like my band is taking its time to kick in lol but I just wish everyone was the same lol. Oh and in the mornings I like my weight loss but because Dr does fills in the arvo/night by the time I get there at 6.00pm tonight I will be at my *heaviest* for the day and its like nooo the scales were better this morning ugh, feel like a failure sometimes.

Anyways hope everyone else is going well.
Skinnie Minnie

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feeling Good.

Today was a good day and I am feeling inspired knowing I can do this, especially now that I have restriction. One of the nurses called me this arvo to see if I still wanted the appointment next week for more possible fill and I asked her about the band and how come I have so much fill in and she simply said "thats how much fill your body needs" and reminded me everyone is different and I might find that another few mls and I am already at my sweet spot instead of f*ing around for a few more fills. She also reminded me I am "smaller" and that I am feeling more restriction now so clearly my band is working and nothing is wrong with it so yay over all feeling pretty good.

Plus today I went on the WiiFit for an hour, gym for 45mins plus about 30mins of housework and I have another job interview on Friday for a role that sounds perfect for me and promising so things are looking up :-)


Monday, February 16, 2009

Restriction... Yay! Loss... Double Yay!

Well I can't remember what I last posted about and if I have discussed my last fill (yes I know I could look back on previous posts but I dont really care that much haha). So I had 1.5mls put in bringing me up to 10.5mls in my 14ml band and I feel restriction YAY

I still need to slow my food right down but on Saturday night the boy and I went out for dinner and i had my fave linguini marina at the best italian place I have ever been and I have 4 mussels, 3 sml prawns, a few pieces of scallop and then about 5-6 tablespoons of pasta over about 30-45mins and I was full and I stopped at the right time (ok maybe could have had one less mouthfull of pasta) but I had 3/4 of my pasta left but I was pretty happy with myself, BB (before band) I would have eaten it all! So when I eat slowly I notice I am way fuller and not hungry for a good 4-5hrs later which I think is good for me. So goal this week - eat SLLOOOWWW!

So w.end was really nice but had major dramas with the hotel (too long and boring to go into) but I took matters into my own hand it all worked out nicely in the end - a room upgrade and a bottle of Bollinger champagne for being verbally abused by one of their staff members. This is my year and I don't need to put up with being ripped off and abused so I felt good about myself.

Oh and according to the scales last night I have lole 1.1kg since last Tuesday YAY I decided I am going to stick to Dr scales (I am seeing him next week which will be good). Weighing myself 3 times in 10mins isn't healthy and just messes with my head.

So today I was too tired (and hot) to go to the gym but I ended up doing 36mins on the WiiFit (lol its only WiiFit I know) but I did some yoga, muscle work and aerobics and felt good about it. I like how it tracks your progress and has a graph for you and weighs you and helps you set goals. I also did those daily exercises from the "28 Days" program which I haven't done for about a month :-S oops lol so although no gym still feeling good about doing something and I have a job interview tomorrow YAY!

Skinnie Minnie

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ooopps :-S haha

Okay so had the fill and according to the Dr scales I have GAINED (yes gained) .3kg, nurse & Dr were both really good saying that because of my cycle and being at 7.00pm at night I would weigh more than if they weighed me in the morning so I wasn't too upset about it really (haha should I be, I dunno lol) but I am going to use it as motivation. Dr said I would probably have to work a little harder because I am "smaller" so I am taking it on board and gonna work my ass off and really watch what I eat because I am seeing him again in 2 weeks.

Oh so I now have 10.5ml in a 14ml band - I REALLY hope this is the real restriction feeling this time and my next fills are only like .5ml or something.

Anyways I'm off to dinner with a friend tonight, I hope it goes ok, I don't plan this very well hahaha.

Peace out everyone.

Skinnie Minnie

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fill & the Bees (Bridget & Bel)

My Fill is actually tonight hehe. Really excited yay! It is so hot & humid today, I can't be assed going to the gym but I am going to try. I did go swimming last night and did 10 laps, not much but better than nothing.

Also two friends of mine are having a bit of a tiff and I am going to stay out of it and no taking sides or gossiping etc I don't to get involved in their toxic crap.

Ohh and I think I have some good potential long-term temp roles next week and I have 2 interviews on Thursday & Friday so yay things are picking up and I can't wait to go away this w.end with my gorgeous man. We're not really celebrating V.Day that much but it is our 1 yr which is big for me so I need to think of something to get him but I am going to surprise him with a romantic picnic on the beach on Saturday :-) can't wait. I'll let you know tonight how the fill goes and thanks to Bridget & Bel for the supportive comments, its really reassuring and comforting knowing other people get you and understand you and everything you're going through so thanks!

Skinnie Minnie

Monday, February 9, 2009

Honesty is the best policy. And the hardest to swallow.

According to the scales I have only lost .7kg in the past 3 weeks. I have a fill this afternoon and will be interesting (and possibly extremely depressing) to see what the Drs scales say.
I know I am totes in need of a fill but that is no excuse for weight-loss being so slow and just getting my period isn't an excuse either (normally I lose about a kg when I get my period because I hold fluid a lot) but there isn't much change. I am getting my act together and been going pretty well at the gym but I need to continue and get harder on myself in terms of food & exercise. Just because I am not always working and don't always have a proper set routine doesn't mean I can slack off (I am getting myself into a routine almost now) so I know that this fill tonight is the extra kick I need because I don't want to feel disappointed in myself again.

Hope everyone had a fab weekend and hopefully my next blog will be a little cheerier haha


Friday, February 6, 2009

Tape Measure.

I like tape measures. According to the tape measurer I am losing weight because I am getting smaller in cm's plus I have finally got my period and I know I usually gain about 2kg the week before my period so I am hoping come Monday the scales will actually show a decent change. I have a fill monday night YAY! I hope there is a loss on their scales because I will feel bad if there isn't.

Oh and I did 63mins cardio yesterday :-D snaps for me lol I haven't been able to break that 1 hr mark for a while so it was good to finally do it. Didn't do any excercise today but have done a lot of walking! Oh and I got a part-time job. Just doing reception work at a real estate company on Saturdays but I need the $ and even if I got a full-time permanent/temp role I would still keep it because I need to pay off my credit card (surgery) and start saving again. Oh and I have 3 days of temping next week which will give me more $ and I'm going away for Valentines day and more importantly.. my 1 year with my gorgeous boyfriend. One year is a big deal for me :-D

So feeling good today and been thinking positvely and I know I need to do that and focus on the good in my life and not be so hard on myself re not exercising one day or not losing more (even though clothes are looser and cm's are dropping).

Have a great w.end everyone!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scales SUCK! Fills & Rambles.

TIRED! I AM SSOOO TIRED! I babysat last night and didn't get home till 12.30am and by the time I got into bed and sleep was about 1am then up for work today so I was absolutely buggered tonight and didn't gym it which I am a bit annoyed about (I did 50mins cardio yesterday and pushed myself on the bike and felt it in my thighs today) but I did go to the pool today although only did 4 laps then just played around with my little sis and bro lol

So the scales haven't moved at all.. well everyday they change about 5 times but over all nothing changed which I am pretty upset about.. starting to feel like I am failing at this but this week food/exercise has been okay and I have a fill next Monday so bring that the F on! Oh that reminds me re your comment about my fill stage Beth. I have had 2 fills, I felt nothing on my first fill so went back a week later and felt something for about a week but slowly I'm eating more food and more often so I'm really hoping my 3rd one will give me some decent restriction.

Apart from the scales I am feeling pretty good about everything else, even money :-) worked last week and today which is just the little I need and I am certain a good job will come around soon, I've also been thinking about the "ex-best-friend", about 2 weeks ago I couldn't stop thinking about her and was really down about it but when I think of her I just try and block her out of mind. Plus not working and being PMSy doesn't help (still waiting for the girls to come because I am STILL PMSy hmm I don't want to even think about the alternative :-S lol) so feeling good, money is okay, gyming hard(ish), good friends (one bought me a ticket to Future Music Festival to cheer me up) and an amazing boyfriend.

Anyways hope everyone and their bands (or soon to be bands or future/possibility banded people) are feeling good! Sorry for the shambles of a post today lol.. way too overtired!

Skinnie Minnie

Monday, February 2, 2009

Biggest Loser - Day One haha

Feeling relatively good today. Had a nice positive mental change in my head about a few things today so its always good to see some light and feel a bit better in the noggin haha and thanks for the comments Diz & Beth and I agree Beth, I can't imagine anyone else being able to get in your face like Bob, Jillian & "The Commando".. Oh & I want Jillian's body haha

Eating has been a worry today though, I tend to be getting hungry more often and eating more, I am trying to control myself though and make sure when I eat it is a proper decent nutrious meal. For dinner I made a mean Chicken, Basil & brown rice dish which really filled me and only had about 1/2 - 3/4 of a cup.. lol thats probably a lot but I look back and think I would have had about a 2 cup portion size. Anyways no more about food because my other blog goes into that detail.

Happy with my exercise today, did 50mins cardio then played netball tonight and I really moved around in netball tonight. Was a hard good game and feel good about it now :-)

Hope everyone had a good Monday and only 4 workin days left (ok well I only have 1 work day this week lol)

Skinnie Minnie aka Lady of Leisure aka Unemployed money-less Bum

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Biggest Losers - ugghhh damn them!

I am addicted to reality television. No matter how crap it is, I somehow get hooked to it. Including biggest loser, although last year I didn't watch it.

My boyfie and I were watching it tonight and agreed we don't want to become like one of those couples when we move in together. That bloody shows inspires me so much, which is good but in the past always led to failure and unrealisitc expectations.

But as from tomorrow morning I am going to do my own little biggest loser challenge. Obviously nothing as drastic as them but I need to start pushing myself and getting my act together. I found my shit and now its time to get to it and actually fucking do it but this time.. there wil be no failure. As I learnt from Shannon "Jurnee" Ponton, there is no failure in trying :-) A new favourite motto.

Anyways hope everyone has a great week, I am dying for my next fill! I might see if I can push it to sometime this week?!

Skinnie Minnie

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