Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello Again.

Well it has been a while since I posted.

Things were getting pretty low for me (mentally) and I was really feeling pretty crap about myself and everything but things are ok. Had a good eating/exercise week last week and felt better than I had in a long time.

Started fulltime work this week and body is struggling to stay awake hehe but after this week I am going to get into a good exercise routine - I need to get that part together. I have a fulltime job now for at least 4 mths so time to get everything else together.

Hope everyone else is doing well - all kicking ass I'm sure!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I think I can, I think I can.. I know I can (and you too)!

All aboard the life train, the next stop is "finally feeling like things are working out" which is in between "things are crap" and "things are going well" stations.
Restriction: I have some finally yay! Actually had a proper PB and know my limits and what food I can handle so feeling relieved about that. The weight is coming off too which is motivating and a relief.
Jobs: Well yesterday I was offered a 4 mth contract role which I was pretty psyched about. At least a contract is a little more stable and if they have to let me go early they have to give me at least 2 weeks notice and I also accrue sick + annual leave (which I won't take any of the AL so should get a few days pay out when I finish yay). I was on a high all day - especially since on Monday I had a massive break down about it. One agency called me at 9.40am asking if I could be at a job by 10.00am. I couldn't guarantee I would be there by then so she said "oh well, I'll call someone else". I pretty much broke down to mum and was just over it. Over agencies, interviews, rejection, waiting and no money!
Today I got a phone call from another company I had an interview with last week. This role is a permanent role (obviously something I want) as a PA to the Director of the company. I found out I had made it to the final stage (after 2 interviews and testing already) and I will finally be meeting with the Director Fri morning and its between me and another woman.
I have a good feeling about this and all week have been imagining how good it would feel to actually have to turn a company down instead of myself being turned down lol.
I am looking forward to: working 6 days a week (haha crazy I know), paying off debt, getting my savings in order and not feeling so fucking down anymore.
So feeling good and being exercising everyday this week and noticing changes in my body shape. It has taken a little longer than I wanted/expected and its been harder with the external circumstances which I couldn't foresee but better late than never :-D
So if anyone happens to read this and feeling like they aren't doing as good as everyone else or failing... you're not. You're body is working in its own way and it might take longer, and you mind need more fill. No one else knows what your eating and exercising habits were before or what is completely going on in your life now so forget about the others and what they might be saying because they are not you!!
lol ok enough of my Oprah speech, just feeling good and I hope everyone else is too.

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