Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well nothing really new or exciting with me this week - gymed it 3 times - 1 sesh on Saturday morning! Food has been pretty good this w.end but need to really step up the exercise.

Apart from that, getting bit bored with blogging again - everyone seems not to be blogging anymore so I'm losing motivation.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Sydney trip & going private

Well my Sydney trip was fantastic!

Was a killer getting up at 5am last Thursday to get to the airport but once I was in Sydney it flew by! My Sydney work team are so much fun and I had a GREAT time with my bestie Prue (another friend came down "with us" but ended up ditching us to hang with her brother the whole time because he was paying for everything - he booked her a limo from her hotel [which she ditched us for last minute as well] and didn't tell me and my friend Prue so we got a taxi while princess caught a limo by herself) Anyways she's been a spoilt princess for years and can't be bothered trying anymore but went to The Ivy on Sat night and danced and drank the night away.

Oh and I bought a dress from Cue! I have always admired their clothes and never thought I would fit into one but I do and I bought it on sale too double yay! I don't fit into all their size 14's but I fit into this one dress and I have to say I think it looks good.. I might take some pics.

We shopped/walked for about 8hrs straight on Saturday so I felt good for moving my butt. Eating was pretty good, I hardly ate but drank enough to make up for that oops.

Well off to the gym, I am more inspired to get into the exercise routine again since I want to buy more Cue clothes. Oh and I am thinking of making this a private blog - if you want me to add you, please email me or leave a comment with your email (I won't approve the comments so no-one else will be able to see your emails!).


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oops I did it again!

I went to the gym last night and worked my butt on the x-trainer for 43mins yay go me! I am going to try and squeeze in a work in between getting a massage and packing or I will do pilates at home.

very excited for my Sydney adventure :-)

have a great weekend peeps


Monday, May 18, 2009

I did it!

I finally got my booty to the gym and worked my ass off for 30mins on the xtrainer. I know some people will be like that isn't enough or whatever but stuff you lol. Considering I haven't been in 2 weeks it's pretty good I did it.

I probably didn't choose the best week to get back into it - I fly to Sydney early Thursday morning for work and extending my work trip till Sunday so I can have fun with my bestie who is driving up from Canberra Friday arvo. But I am taking my exercise stuff and we're gonna walk around the harbour on Saturday morning and I'm gonna try to do a walk Friday morning maybe hit the hotel gym Thurs night if I'm not too tired.

Anyways feelin good peeps.


Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well I've just spent an hour with my friend who is pregnant - trying to console her.

Her scumbag BF (now EX), father of their unborn baby has cheated on her and for a while apparently, and with a mutual friend who knew she was pregnant.

At first I was pretty pissed with this homewrecker (don't worry her ex-BF has already gotten a mouthful and I blame him completely as well) but now I just pity her. Honestly I don't know what would posses a girl to sleep with a man who is having a baby. Clearly this poor delusional girl has issues because she is now bragging about how "she has won" and is in love. Sweety sweety sweety, thats not called love, its called wanting to get his d*ck wet. The funniest thing is she think she "has" him but my friend will ALWAYS be in his life, she is having his baby. And if he can cheat on his pregnant GF, what is stopping him cheating him on the silly little girl who thinks it is love.

I know some people will think I am being harsh, bitch, judgemental or whatever but I am upset for my friend, angry as all hell at her loser ex-BF and just angry/confused with this so called "friend" and feel sorry for someone who feels so low about themselves.

Deep breaths! Ok I have moved on now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Too much booty in the pants!

I need to get my booty to the gym!

Everything is so good for me at the moment but I just can't be fucked exercising and yes I know how important it is and that I need to do it and its so good for me blah blah blah. I use to go to the gym about 4 times a week pre-band but I need to remember my band is a tool, not the miracle fatty band and will make me look like Heidi freakin Klum over night (but I swear I will grow another metre taller, get blonde hair and become a Victoria Secret model one day... one day! lol). And food & exercise are a pair and don't = weight loss if one is missing.

Can someone lend me their exercise mojo?!

Peace out peeps

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cloud Nine and DOUBLE DIGITS!

Oh I love being on cloud nine.

It feels so good to be feeling good after a long dark period. But the dark cloud has made me appreciate the blue skies.

What I am grateful for:

- stable permanent job which I enjoy and am already being appreciated (they are flying me down to Sydney in a few weeks on a Thurs night to meet the rest of my team nd spend a day with them and my boss said I can stay till Sunday if I wanted to - obviously they will only pay for accomm on Thurs night BUT my bestie from Canberra is coming up and we are staying with a mutual friend who has a 3 bedroom apartment in darling harbour woohoo so I am uber uber UBER excited)

- great BF. Oh I am lucky and love him and appreciate him. He is so good to and I know which I am thankful for - a lot of girls I know don't appreciate their wonderful boyfriends

- friends are going well and making effort and I've made some great friend lately (you know who you are, Lady L) and I've had closure and resolved issues with certain friend
- weight... well according to the scales I am 99.7 kg! Which is yay because I am under 100kg. M weight loss has been a little slower than most people but whatever I am happy and know things are on the move and when I really get my ass moving it will be even better (I am still struggling with getting a steady exercise routine)

The past two weeks alone my mind has completely shifted (ok almost I still struggle with stuff... frequently lol) and I already feel my body thanking me for the mind shift and I am just happy right now :-)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another piece of the jigsaw is in :-)

Another jugsaw piece went in yesterday :-)

Well the friend I have mentioned previously, was godmother of her child, best friends, suddenly ignoring me, her sister passed away etc etc well I emailed her when I found out about her sister and didn't expect anything back.

Got home from my BFs house last night (great w.end with him - so lucky to have him awww lol) and there is an email from her. Butterflies in stomach. Heart racing. Oh fuck. A part of me was expecting her to say " why don't you just F off and get the picture. Friendship. Over" but it wasn't. She said thanks for the support, her father (who had terrible advanced alzheimers [spelling?] and was unwell) has passed away and she hopes I am doing well. WOW. I was in shock and all of a sudden there was another piece in the puzzle, the skies cleared a little and I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulder.

Even if we don't talk again I feel like there is proper closure. This shit has been resolved and I feel good. Loving life at the moment. I can't make gym tonight but am going to do my pilates DVD now :-)


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