Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today has been good.

I had my work performance review which went great! Was so happy to hear such positive and encouraging feedback and even though my boss doesn't know about the band and is probably underweight (she has a few control/food issues) but I said how I really think this is going to be a hard but good year and I really want to focus on myself - work, study & fitness and she said she would support me in any possible way and reminded me to have more confidence.

Went to dentist to get the impressions for my splint - firstly she was great and explained how a lot of the facial and tension headaches are from my grinding/clenching and my splint should make a dramatic improvement and secondly I was only out of pocket $50!

So this arvo I have the worst jaw pain & headaches and probably feeling a little sorry for myself and just started to think about that old friend of mine who I no longer get to talk to - I guess this is a good time to learn how to take control of my feelings and not let myself get too down - and to try to move on from the friendship and acknowledge how much I have put it and put up with.

Oh well - I've been feeling happy & motivated today so not going to let it get me down. Shit happens and its not always my fault :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happiness today is dentists & stationery!

This morning I went to the dentist - which doesn’t bother me and I know I am lucky that I don’t have dentist issues. The most I’ve had done to my teeth were getting all 4 wisdom teeth out when I was 16 which wasn’t too painful (had a bad experience with the dental practice I went too but apart from that all good).

So the lovely dentist is checking my teeth and commenting on how great they are and look like they have had orthodontic work because they are basically perfect (hahaha cmon I have to have something to brag about) and then asks me how I feel when I wake up. That reminded me to tell her how I have a sore jaw and headaches in the morning all the time the past few months and how it seems to be getting worse. Well unfortunately I am a grinder and have done some decent grinding the past few months and worn some of my teeth down, fortunately it gives me relief knowing I have a actual reason for the way I’ve been feeling lately and I have something to address this – I’m getting a splint/night mouth guard mmmmm sexy night time apparel – am I right?!

They gave me a quote for $720 (aus dollars) and even with private health cover I would have been out of pocket around $400! After some ringing around I found a nice dental place in the city (well looks nice on the net) and they gave me a quote for $466 and because they are a preferred provider with my private health fund I should only be out of pocket $94, but wait... there’s more. I mentioned where I work and since I am a social club member I get a $100 voucher to use once a year with this dental practice – WOO HOO! So really I should be out of pocket umm NOTHING! And since I was the 93rd caller for the day they are throwing in a free pair of steak knives – not really.

Also I spoke to my boss this morning about my further study and she is super excited for me and thinks it would be perfect for me and I would be great at it * big big smiles here *. Even though I would have done it without her glowing thoughts, it is really nice to have someone I admire (professionally) give me such great encouragement. So to celebrate I went and bought a really cute pencil case and some new pens and funky note pads – oh how I heart stationery.

Plus over the w.end the BF & I got into some “serious discussion” (aka fight) because we double booked ourselves for 4 things in one night – don’t ask me how because clearly we are stupid sometimes – anyway I was looking over my personal commandments and No 4 is Identify the Problem. So I was thinking about how to do this for this issue and it hit me like a ton of obvious freaking bricks – buy a calendar for us! So I bought a $3 calendar and have already filled in dates when either of us will be away, things we have already planned and some other special dates. I know how obvious this would be but I am new at the whole living with someone special and I am so excited to go home and show him our own little calendar with a pink pen for my stuff, and blue pen for his stuff and a red pen for OUR stuff – awww.
I haven’t exercised properly in forever so I am off the gym tonight and am going to weigh myself – hmm.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Lately I have been feeling a little down but I feel like things are starting to look Up (and yes I feel like that grumpy old man sometimes hehe but he is so adorable awww).

I have just enrolled to do a night course so at the end of it I will have my Certificate IV in Project Management and then right after that I am starting my Advanced Diploma in Project Management.  And one of the great parts is work has verbally agreed (at this stage) to help fund my further education. Woohoo!

I am starting to feel like February is the month that I will get everything on a roll.  My knee is better and the UTI (urinary tract infection) I "got" last week is all cleared and now I feel like I can actually walk without the feeling of barbed wire on fire down there but moving on.

It's Australia Day on Tuesday (26th Jan) and I took Monday (25th) off as well so yay long weekend for me.  BF & I have decided to go for a hike tomorrow in some beautiful mountains so I shall take my camera and get my photography on and maybe post some pics of me getting my hike on (and I still need to post some pics of those nice cheap dresses I got I know).

Have a great w.end ya'll.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Late home from work. Home alone. Forgot to take salmon out of the freezer.

Dinner was 2 hot cross buns (its not EVEN close to easter yet but damn supermarkets are selling them already) and 2 small glasses of vino.

I now feel sick. Committed absolute carbocide, sugarcide and boozacide.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hello all my 50 followers – woohoo :-D
So last night I went to part 1 of a “discovering meditation” course – I am in love. (and my BF came along and he enjoyed it too which is great).
It was such a welcoming, loving, open and relaxing atmosphere.  The teacher was great and he had a lot of great and interesting stuff to say about meditation.
First we worked on our breathing, then some mindfulness meditation (which was great because we were guided through it) and then my fave part of the evening – group mantra meditation.  Basically the dude pulled out his guitar and then played a beautiful melody whilst singing our mantra (gaur–ra–ang–ga) and then the group would sing the mantra back.  The first few group responses were a little out of time and off but once everyone was singing the mantra it was a pretty moving feeling.  I can only imagine what it would be like in an experienced group.
The second part of the course is next week and I already can’t wait.  This is something I want to start including in my everyday life and deeply believe it is going to be extremely beneficial to me mentally, spiritually and physically.
I would recommend anyone to try it (haha I am already sounding like some guru).  If anyone wants some info about it – here is the link - The centre is the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga and they have centres in NSW, VIC, SA & QLD and 95% of the classes are free (donation only) so give it a go.
On the exercise front though – that hasn’t been too good.  I really hurt my knee about a week ago and it was super swollen and sore so the Dr said not to do any exercise for at least a week and until it feels completely fine and it now feels about 95% better so am hoping to start off tomorrow with some gentle exercise (and meditation hehe).
It is now 15 weeks until my (defacto)-sister-in-law gets married so I have set myself a goal for the wedding and have decided when my BF goes away for work (every 4 weeks for about 4/5 days usually) I am going to do a mini-detox & shakes for the time he is away just to keep the body refreshed and help move things along – so please send my positive vibes (or comments) my way.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week and if anyone ever has any Q’s please ask – I sometimes don’t know what to write about and then tend to ramble and I want my blogs to not only be meaningful/inspiring/interesting to myself but for at least 1 other person as well haha

Monday, January 11, 2010

Holidays are over...

And I am kind of glad. 
I struggle without routine and still have serious issues with self-discipline (which I talked about with my psychologist yesterday so trying to work on that) but I am glad to be going back to work because it means that when I am bored I won't have a fridge near me and I will be doing a lot more incidental exercise.

Weight loss has stopped but I haven't gained at all which I guess is a miracle considering the amount of booze and ice cream I have had but back on the fitness wagon now and I still have that new year positive "this is the year" glow so I am going to try to hold onto that for as long as I can.

I bought 2 new dresses the other day - both silk and cheap!!! First was originally $229 and down to $49 and the second was originally $249 down to $59!!! So happy and feel great in them - will take pics soon!

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