Saturday, November 28, 2009


So this weekend I flew down to Sydney with my mum on Friday morning to hang out and see Wicked.


Oh my freaking gawd I loved it. If you can get to Sydney (apparently it won't be touring the rest of Aust) you must see it. The lead female's talents are just breathtaking. It's such a beautiful, sad and funny story. I could go on and on about how unbelievable it is. I am going to go back to Sydney to see it again, that's how incredible it was.

I downloaded the album on my iPhone straight after haha.

Oh and I just ate so much sugar over the past 2 days simply because my body is exhausted but what can you do. Back on the wagon now, yeeha!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Confidence.... he has it!

This week (ha it's only been two days) I have struggled. With exercising and eating. I am just so tired and run down at the moment and I know my body is starting to cave in so lots of water & vitamins for me - just need more sleep. I really don't want to get sick.

Does anyone have some good "pick me ups"?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

On a roll

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had or has a good weekend.

My week was long but paid off in the end. Exercise wise, the past week I chose to:
Monday - circuit at gym
Tuesday - walking to and from work
Wednesday - walk to work and gym
Thursday - netball - I was WA for 3 quarters so lots of running :-)
Friday - does having 2 cosmos after work count?
Saturday - celebrated my nanas 75th birthday but was on my feet a lot of the day
Sunday (today) - go for a walk this afternoon, maybe

So I had my weigh-in on Saturday morning..... 1.1kg lost for the week :-) thats 2.4 pounds gone woohooo! Really motivates me and really shows the proof is in the pudding... mmm pudding lol no but seriously I finally feel like things are looking up and starting to work and I know that if I don't lose weight - I need to look hard at how much exercise I am doing (or most likely not doing) and what I am eating.

So if anyone struggles with the band or slow weight loss and feeling like a failure. Just take a step back and start from scratch. Forget how long you have had the band before, every day is a new day and start all over again whenever you need to.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Week I Chose To...

This week I chose to do this:

Monday - Walk to work (25mins) and gym circut
Tuesday - Same as Monday
Wednesday - Walk to and from work + gym circut
Thursday - Walk to work + netball
Friday - Gum session: 15mins walking on treadmill, 15mins on bike, 5 mins on x-trainer and 10mins on the x-ramp. Felt great working out on a Friday night.
Saturday - rest day and weigh in - down 1.5kg - woohooo felt great!
Sunday (today) - gentle stroll around park with the boy for a few hours and also getting burnt on the city cat (ferry that goes up and down the river) but I had a NSV (non scale victory)... drum roll please.... ... ... ... I took my cardigan off on the city cat for about 15mins and showed my arms!

Yes people as pathetic as that may sound, the last time I showed my arms in public was my yr 12 formal (prom) in 2004. I completely hate my arms and find them repulsive so having them naked was a pretty big step for me.

Feeling good knowing my hard work does pay off so I will choose to work hard again this week and keep eating really super healthy.

Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My kind of workout...

PS - this is how I feel sometimes hehe

PPS - I want her leotard.

Recently I read a post from the wonderful Beth (Who Hid the Donuts?) about how saying you will “try” to do something is allowing yourself to fail because if you say you will try do something and don’t do it.. doesn’t matter because you tried right?1

I am currently reading a book by this amazingly funny author (Jen Lancaster people – read her shiz!) called “Such a Pretty Fat”. It is a memoir of her losing weight and she has touched on the whole trying issue. Someone told her or she read somewhere this awesome statement which I am now adopting.



Agghhh so inspiring, real, deep and so freaking simple!

I’m going to stop having this internal battle with myself about how much I should exercise even if I feel like crap and have a migraine or what I should and shouldn’t eat and then feel guilty all day about it. It’s simple – I will choose to DO the gym or NOT DO the gym. TO eat some chocolate or NOT TO eat some chocolate. I am also going to become a lot more accountable for my weight loss (or lack thereof).

What else is happening…

The BF & I have chosen to have 5 carb free nights a week and really focus on good healthy eating (which really should be a must but we always come up with excuses) and its great that he is really focussed and keeps me in line.

I chose to walk to work which was great – 3945 steps and 22mins – I am getting faster :-)
I love how I feel after exercising – lighter, toned-er and thinner! Such a great way to start the day and I get into work a little early which always looks good right..

1 – Just want to say that sometimes trying is completely acceptable. Like I will try not to get too pissed at the wedding on Saturday or I will try and save as much money as I can etc etc because sometimes shit happens and funks things up in life and gets in the way of a plan and other times trying is the first step in the right direction (especially when you have been in that direction before but somehow fell off the wagon and trying to get back on it).

Friday, November 6, 2009

falling rollercoaster

I feel as I approach my 1 yr since the band my motivation, happiness, proudness and encouragement is falling. I was heading up on the roller coaster but now I worry it starting to fall, fast.

I'm honestly really unhappy and ashamed of what little I have lost but i am trying to remember that at least I have lost. I so desperately want to achieve my nye goal! ughh positive thoughts and lots of exercise is in order.

have a great wend ya'll

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