Sunday, May 2, 2010

True Blood

I think True Blood is fairly big in the US but its only starting to get big here. I just watched two seasons worth in about 3 days.
AHHHMAAAAAAAZZZZZIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG! For those who watch it, I hope you know Jason Stackhouse (Sookie's bro) is from down under! God he is hot. Anyway its a great show.

Speaking of blood.... most (well anyone who has read my blog) would know I have had some tests done lately.. all came back fairly clear. My left ventricular (or the left side of my heart) is a little small so my cardiologist said "I need to keep en eye on that"... umm okay I will keep an eye on it.  But its not a serious problem and it could explain some other things going on with my brain.  What concerned me the most was my blood test results - I got tested for everything!

I am deficient in:
Vit A, B, C & D
Vit B12

I am borderline high in:
LDL - bad cholesterol
Thyroid is borderline 
Rheumatoid Factor is borderline high - I don't even know what that is?!

So basically my neurologist said I clearly have some malabsorption issues going on and have a few new supplements to take in the morning.

So even though its annoying and I haven't had these problems pre-band but I'm in this situation now so I need to deal with it.  My BF also had some blood tests and his cholesterol is off the rocker so its down to business for us.  Did a big fridge and pantry chuck out and have googled lots of new healthy cholesterol-friendly recipes. So time to get down to it.  Sick of being fat and unhealthy.

Also being very low in Vit D & B12 explains why I feel so tired, have no energy and physically feel worse after exercise. So I think better eating and supplements will help.  Oh also helps that I have a new job (in the same company) so stress wise things aren't so stressful!



K said...

Wow! Sorry you're having some health issues! I hope supplements and a diet change will help. Cheerios and oatmeal help with cholesterol and they're not bad for you :)

Ronnie said...

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