Friday, July 10, 2009


Well I am still feeling blah and down in this funk but enough is enough! I need to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

It is exactly 10 weeks until my friend's wedding and I am going to lose 10kg by then. I've got my own steps/action plan. Here it is:

1. I am going to get my mum to hide the scales and forget about them. I don't need them making me feel bad about myself.

2. Getting back to basics. I'm freezing my gym membership, I don't enjoy it and won't go if I don't enjoy it. Going to start walking during my lunch breaks and home from the train station and only do fun exercise.

3. Walk and/or do Wii Fit for at least 45mins 4 to 5 times a week.

4. Go to weight watcher meetings weekly or at least fortnightly for the next month or two. They have helped me before and there is a local one that is a 25min walk there so I can walk there and back :-)

I figure if I just do it and put the mental crap out of my mind and move on from it, my mind will be forced to be positive.

I know some people might be like well duh just do it, but its never as easy as that. But I seemed to have some sort of epiphany and its like "just do it" forget the mind shit and the scales. It's simple equation. Eating less + moving more = hot ass! hahaha.

Have a good weekend everyone.



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