Saturday, September 12, 2009

A is for Apetite

I have an apetite and its great!

I love being able to eat something for breakfast and start the day off. I used to never eat breakfast and then loved it and I have completely struggled without it since the band.

I am still loving myself sick with my decision to not have any fills for a while and do it my way. I like being able to eat wholesome foods and not worry about what when how why I am eating and just eating. Even a few special treats this week but I lost 1kg this week so pretty happy with myself.

Next week I really want to push myself when it comes to eating, push myself to eat really well until Friday - it's my friends wedding on Friday and I don't want that to blow the weight loss.

Anyway better get ready for my romantical dinner with my wonderful bf - seafood at Sheraton on the gold coast (only 30min drive which is nice). It is a buffet so really need to control myself but I just stick to prawns, crab and some oysters - ahhh its so fresh and beautiful. Love it!

Oh tracey when I was banded in Dec last year I was 108.9kg and I am now 106.4kg.


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