Tuesday, April 13, 2010


today was my last day at work and in between meetings all i during the day was 1 sushi role.

Fast forward to dinner time, being home alone and a little emotional I drank too much and boy did i eat too much.. my tummy is ouchie :-( since having some fill out I am still struggling with food but i am giving myself a pass for the past week due to heart tests & work stuff going on.

here is a shot of my heart monitor just before bed.. looking sexy i know!  You should be upset i wasnt wearing my night mouth-guard (yes i am a teeth grinder) - and yes i did have an allergic reaction to the tape which was everywhere... including the 4 other little monitor pads under my lady lumps :-(

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Restriction.. Zumba.. Fuzzy Feelings..

I haven't vomitted for a week.. not once :-)

Today I ate a toasted sandwich and it was devine. Until the tomato fell out of the sandwich and onto my shirt but it didn't take away the fuzzy sensation I was feeling.

However.. I feel like I don't have any restriction now and am really struggling to get my eating under control. This is what I ate today:

8am - yoghurt
9.30am - coffee
1.00pm - toasted sandwich
6.00pm - weight watchers mini dinner (yes they have mini dinners now! 3 points and about 230ish calories - amazing!)
6.45pm - easter freaking egg

okay that doesn't look too bad really.. just ignore the easter egg though.

So I have read a lot of the US blogs and it seems Zumba is massive over there and its taking off down under as well.  So I am in the process of downloading (yes I am a naughty pirate, arggh) and I can't wait to get my merengue march on.

Day 1 of heart tests tomorrow - not too stressed but I am exhausted due to lack of sleep the past 3 weeks but feeling positive about everything (for now).

Is anyone still reading this? please post comments / questions / thoughts? 


Monday, April 5, 2010


Well on Thursday I saw my band Dr & my neurologist and what an overwhelming day!

Band Dr was interesting - broke down straight away and was honest when I told him how i was feeling... i regret the band, i vomit 9 times out of 10 and nothing is happening and i hate myself more.  Since having 1.5ml taken out I haven't vomited once.. HOORAY!  I will admit on Saturday I went a little crazy with the eating, I was starving (mentally) and couldn't stop eating but I have calmed down... almost.

So I had a check-up with my neurologist as I had some MRIs on my brain a few months ago - I was thinking it would be an all clear appointment but apparently not.  I have these tiny little white spots on my brain and apparently they can be caused by heart problems such as a hole in the heart or issues with valves.  Anyway I am going for a whole bunch of tests later in the week and past few days my emotions have been all over the place and I have been having trouble coping with everything (redundancy, brain, food, band) but I am trying to keep it together.

Well thats all - I just needed to think out loud and I haven't said anything to friends because I hate worry-ing people for no reason. So if you don't mind.. please send positive vibes/prayers/meditation.. whatever you do.. my way :-D please hehe

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