Monday, April 5, 2010


Well on Thursday I saw my band Dr & my neurologist and what an overwhelming day!

Band Dr was interesting - broke down straight away and was honest when I told him how i was feeling... i regret the band, i vomit 9 times out of 10 and nothing is happening and i hate myself more.  Since having 1.5ml taken out I haven't vomited once.. HOORAY!  I will admit on Saturday I went a little crazy with the eating, I was starving (mentally) and couldn't stop eating but I have calmed down... almost.

So I had a check-up with my neurologist as I had some MRIs on my brain a few months ago - I was thinking it would be an all clear appointment but apparently not.  I have these tiny little white spots on my brain and apparently they can be caused by heart problems such as a hole in the heart or issues with valves.  Anyway I am going for a whole bunch of tests later in the week and past few days my emotions have been all over the place and I have been having trouble coping with everything (redundancy, brain, food, band) but I am trying to keep it together.

Well thats all - I just needed to think out loud and I haven't said anything to friends because I hate worry-ing people for no reason. So if you don't mind.. please send positive vibes/prayers/meditation.. whatever you do.. my way :-D please hehe


Band-Babe said...

I am sending positive vibes your way. That's alot you're dealing with. I hate when people feel sorry for me... so I won't do that to you. But, we could all use some good energy every now and again.

Shaggs said...

Thinkin bout you over here too girl. Remember girl, reality is about perception and if you perceive everything to be hunka dory it will be. Cold comfort, I know but just keep in mind we all come out of these things better people. Love and light to you sweetie!

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