Thursday, May 20, 2010


Have started a new role within the same company and have been flat out. Absolutely loving it though. Great experience and extremely relevant to what I am studying (ugh full time work and part time study is killing me).

So work is good but I am so tired lately and went to Dr as I have been feeling so crap.She basically said I have some virus going around but because I have a malabsoprtion problem (thanks band.... NOT!) and my immune system is so low it is just taking me so long to get over it so she said to get as much rest as I can/when I can and no gym for two weeks because my body won't recover and I will just drive it into breakdown mode.  So trying to rest and not exercising is actually really annoying because I am just putting weight back on, getting bigger and mentally getting into a funk.  Ugh.  I honestly thought when I got this band 18mths ago my body and mind would be so different...

oh well shit happens.  its 30 weeks till my birthday so I am trying to get serious about health now and be feeling better and lighter by then.. 20kg lighter I hope.  My eating is good so once I get my booty moving should improve.


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