Wednesday, March 24, 2010

fingers crossed

The past few days have been all over the place.  Last thursday, due to company restructure, my position was made redundant. It was a massive shock and I spent most of Thursday in tears and Friday in shock.  After some retail therapy (big savings! new work dress & jacket for $20 - will take pics), getting a massage, having my hair did AND lots of drinking.. I am feeling better.

Surprisingly I am relatively positive since I know the market has improved and I have been given a pretty good redundancy package.  I also have an interview with a large energy company tomorrow which I think would have lots of career opportunites for me!  So fingers crossed everyone.

Food wise - yeah the past week has been all over the shop, somedays I hardly eat, other days I eat everything.  I also haven't done any proper exercise in a week but time to get back to it.  Meeting with my Dr next week which I am a little scared about, simply because I haven't lost much weight but oh well.

Fingers crossed for my interview tomorrow everyone!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 1: Day 1

So last night I started the Couch to 5k program.

There are lots of different programs on the net but I just decided to go with

The BF wants to do it too so it is so much easier having someone go with you and we did it when it was dark so I felt less self conscious.  Although we were walking along a normal busy suburban street when I nearly stepped on a baby snake!!! Yes a snake, it was dark and I didn’t get too close to see what it was but the fright got the heart rate up.  For any American readers – this is not a normal thing (well not for me anyway as I live 5km from the city).

I felt GREAT after it and had a really yummy lean cuisine dinner (we are having frozen dinners the past week and the next two weeks because we are both working long hours and have portion control issues so this is easier and healthier).  This dinner was probably the first dinner in a while where I haven’t PB’d.  I am starting to think I am definitely too tight since I usually PB with every meal :-S and my Dr once said that the tightness he likes is when you can eat a sandwich without PB but feel full afterwards... a sandwich?! I can only eat a sandwich if it is toasted, I have about 30mins spare and a toilet close by.

It’s amazing how one little happy moment can make your outlook/positivity change so much (or more like how I let it change so much... hmm).

Friday, March 12, 2010

super skinny me - I wish!

So I stumbled across a UK documentary last night titled “Super-Skinny Me: Race to size zero”.

I was frightening and also intriguing at the same time.

The interesting part was the effects of extreme dieting on the body and the mind that people may not realise.  The frightening part was how I was mentally taking notes and wondering if I could cope for a week the way they are eating/exercising. I also got a little frightened when I realised how I was slightly wishing I had that much “will power” (more like insanity) to be able to starve and force myself into extreme exercising.  My only concern was how extreme dieting could affect the band.

The show (which is a 4 part doc) made me realise how much more obsessed with food & weight I have become since the band and how I now compare & judge myself a whole lot more – e.g. if I normally lost 2kg in a month I would be happy – now that makes me cry. All I ever seem to think about it what I should or shouldn’t be eating, why am I eating, how much I should be exercising, how much I’m not exercising, number on scales, number I want to lose... its ridiculous.  Deep inside I think if I have the psych consult before the band there probably would have been a few red flags.  Oh well.

Does anyone else feel the band has made them a little more obsessive about weight/food/body? Or the opposite and they now don’t have to think about food and just eat for nutrition without the mental battle?

Have a great w.end everyone – I am relaxing after a long week of work & studying and minimal sleep. Ugh!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tired & random lightbulb moment

I.AM.SO.TIRED!  It has been a long week with a few ups & downs.

Beginning of week, I was feeling good and noticing some change in the body, keen to stick to exercising & good food.  Come Friday, hmm a little bit of a different story.  Trying to find something to wear to a formal black tie dinner and wishing I was skinnier is a drain.  Plus being busy with school & work commitments means I haven't exercised as much as I planned and now I feel like I am coming down with something. 

But don't worry... I am NOT going to let this get me down. Just going to soldier on and try to be gentle on the body by getting lots of rest and stocking up on some good vegies & fruit.  Might also do a gentle stroll this morning and perhaps weigh myself (although weighing myself on the Wii doesn't ever seem to see a change on the scales)... ummm LIGHTBULB moment....

So I can feel a change in my body, especially neck/shoulders/chest but the scales seem to be staying the same. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the past 5 weeks I have been lifting and moving boxes everyday and my muscles are growing :-)  Even though the boxes are soo mind numbing and boring, I try to think of the extra calories I burn everyday!  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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