Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi anyone still reading this

Haven't been on in a while or even writing anything midly interesting but I guess my mind has been on other things, more important than the band... * gasp * haha yes my band isn't my no.1 thing in my life.. maybe it should be.

But every day last week I walked an hour, I walk 30mins in the morning to work and 30mins after work, along the river and over this great bridge with the sunshine in my face and I am loving it! It's 2.8km and I would love to be able to jog at least one trip by my birthday.

I also borrowed The Gabriel Method from the library - some may know about this book.. another weight loss book. But its more than that. Its a really simple, scientific, mental & emotional approach to weight loss and WHY you are fat, scientifically and I think its really helping my mind frame, which is my biggest trouble lately. I am letting everything get to me, scales, clothes, food.. just beating myself up but I am getting better.

If anyone is reading this, please let me know, I enjoy blogging (most of the time) but am losing the motivation these days.


Amanda said...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm reading :) not always good about commenting, but I'm good at reading ;)

Tracey said...

Hi There, yes, I am still keep on blogging.

Anonymous said...


I am 18 years old and overweight...

I Love reading all your info! very inspiring!! I have 37 days till my OP and I am incredibly nervous but very excited!!

I have noticed that alot of people have said there are foods you can't have this is something my Dr has not said!

so now I am nervous that I am going to be deprived!!

but your blog is inspirational - THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE!

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