Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why hello there...

Hey everyone

Well been offline while I move in with the BF - going great already :-)

Weight wise I don't know.. the scales haven't seemed to change at all the past month or so but I have to wake up and be honest. I am not putting any effort in. Sure I am eating well but I'm just not exercising at all and could probably cut back on some of the sweets.

I had a little break down with my band doctor and he was suprisingly really comforting and reassuring.

I have unpacked and settled and now have no more excuses and today in a fit of enthusiasm I bought some tights and slip on runner type shoes and walked 30mins (to a bus station) and I am aiming to do that at least either to or from work every day (maybe even both ways if I feel like it).

I am also reading a really good book all about getting the mind frame right so everyone please send me positive weight-losing vibes hehe

Hope everyone else is going well.


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