Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Fun

Hi Everyone

So this weekend has been great. It was my friend's hens night on Saturday and I had a massage booked Sat morning so after I thought I would have a little bit of a shop.

Bought myself this beautiful size 14 dress from Witchery (I'm no where near a size 14 pants and sizing is all over the place but I am sticking to witchery for dresses and skirts because they fit and look good AND even if size 14 in Witchery = size 16 or 18 in other stores, I don't care, the mental happiness and positveness I get from buying a size 14 is worth it). Anyway been eyeing this dress off for a while but never tried it on because I never though it would fit, I also bought this cute little casual dress as well. Only problem is sleeves. I DO NOT show my arms. I absolutely loathe them and find them utterly disgusting so everything I own has sleeves or I wear a cardi or jacket.. which makes it very uncomfortable in summer time but I'm going to work on my arms.

Also got my nails done at a little asian nail place but for $20 they look good. I am a serial nail biter but at the moment they are looking decent and having my nails done makes me feel so pretty and nicely groomed. Want to stick to it.

Also went out to dinner last night for my brother's birthday. Went to Mecca Bah. Mmmm my favourite place! It's a mix of turkish & morroccan food but I only had a mouthful of chicken and a few mouthfuls of brown rice and tabouleh, however, I drank SO much last night so there was probably a lot of calories.. oh well it was so worth it.

Almost exercised everyday this week, was sent to Sydney for work unexpectedly but I did a fair amount of walking on Friday and all weekend so not too worried. I have noticed a change in my body from just walking for an hour everyday but this week I am going to try to increase the exercise with some pilates & weights at night.

Feeling good (mentally) at the moment and that is my biggest battle half the time. Physically, well after 4 tequilla shots, about 6 hawian margaritas, 2 vodka & sodas and a few champanges, I'm feeling pretty damn seedy hehe

Hopefully I have some decent looking pics of myself and will post some new ones soon :-)


Anonymous said...


You are an are such a gorgeous person, and keep the walking up....soon you will run it and love it!

Go girl! :)


Kristen said...

Hey girl! My name is Kristen and I am new to this blogger world as of like 2 days ago haha! Thank you for being so open about your weight loss experience! I meet with my surgeon next week to set up my surgery date and couldnt be more anxious!! I love reading everyones blogs and it answers so many questions I have been having! I would love if you would follow helps having people that know what Im going through answer my questions! But congrats thus far and good luck in the future!!


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