Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recently I read a post from the wonderful Beth (Who Hid the Donuts?) about how saying you will “try” to do something is allowing yourself to fail because if you say you will try do something and don’t do it.. doesn’t matter because you tried right?1

I am currently reading a book by this amazingly funny author (Jen Lancaster people – read her shiz!) called “Such a Pretty Fat”. It is a memoir of her losing weight and she has touched on the whole trying issue. Someone told her or she read somewhere this awesome statement which I am now adopting.



Agghhh so inspiring, real, deep and so freaking simple!

I’m going to stop having this internal battle with myself about how much I should exercise even if I feel like crap and have a migraine or what I should and shouldn’t eat and then feel guilty all day about it. It’s simple – I will choose to DO the gym or NOT DO the gym. TO eat some chocolate or NOT TO eat some chocolate. I am also going to become a lot more accountable for my weight loss (or lack thereof).

What else is happening…

The BF & I have chosen to have 5 carb free nights a week and really focus on good healthy eating (which really should be a must but we always come up with excuses) and its great that he is really focussed and keeps me in line.

I chose to walk to work which was great – 3945 steps and 22mins – I am getting faster :-)
I love how I feel after exercising – lighter, toned-er and thinner! Such a great way to start the day and I get into work a little early which always looks good right..

1 – Just want to say that sometimes trying is completely acceptable. Like I will try not to get too pissed at the wedding on Saturday or I will try and save as much money as I can etc etc because sometimes shit happens and funks things up in life and gets in the way of a plan and other times trying is the first step in the right direction (especially when you have been in that direction before but somehow fell off the wagon and trying to get back on it).


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