Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Week I Chose To...

This week I chose to do this:

Monday - Walk to work (25mins) and gym circut
Tuesday - Same as Monday
Wednesday - Walk to and from work + gym circut
Thursday - Walk to work + netball
Friday - Gum session: 15mins walking on treadmill, 15mins on bike, 5 mins on x-trainer and 10mins on the x-ramp. Felt great working out on a Friday night.
Saturday - rest day and weigh in - down 1.5kg - woohooo felt great!
Sunday (today) - gentle stroll around park with the boy for a few hours and also getting burnt on the city cat (ferry that goes up and down the river) but I had a NSV (non scale victory)... drum roll please.... ... ... ... I took my cardigan off on the city cat for about 15mins and showed my arms!

Yes people as pathetic as that may sound, the last time I showed my arms in public was my yr 12 formal (prom) in 2004. I completely hate my arms and find them repulsive so having them naked was a pretty big step for me.

Feeling good knowing my hard work does pay off so I will choose to work hard again this week and keep eating really super healthy.

Have a great week everyone.


Amy W. said...

That's crazy talk but good for you for showing your naked arms...and for all the awesome choices you made!

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