Sunday, November 22, 2009

On a roll

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had or has a good weekend.

My week was long but paid off in the end. Exercise wise, the past week I chose to:
Monday - circuit at gym
Tuesday - walking to and from work
Wednesday - walk to work and gym
Thursday - netball - I was WA for 3 quarters so lots of running :-)
Friday - does having 2 cosmos after work count?
Saturday - celebrated my nanas 75th birthday but was on my feet a lot of the day
Sunday (today) - go for a walk this afternoon, maybe

So I had my weigh-in on Saturday morning..... 1.1kg lost for the week :-) thats 2.4 pounds gone woohooo! Really motivates me and really shows the proof is in the pudding... mmm pudding lol no but seriously I finally feel like things are looking up and starting to work and I know that if I don't lose weight - I need to look hard at how much exercise I am doing (or most likely not doing) and what I am eating.

So if anyone struggles with the band or slow weight loss and feeling like a failure. Just take a step back and start from scratch. Forget how long you have had the band before, every day is a new day and start all over again whenever you need to.



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