Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Addicted to blogging... seriously.

I have become increasingly addicted to reading other banders "jurnees" and reading all about their feelings and hopes and blah blah blah - it's actually pretty inspiring and made me realise that keeping a record of my own jurnee is a good idea and one day I will be able to look back on it for inspiration and hopefully maybe inspire someone else - or at least give them a laugh?!

It has also helped me reinforce my decision to get a band and help me be prepared for people who may not have the same views as me but bring it on. I am looking forward to having something which I know will actually help me and I can't wait to eat healthily and go to the gym (which I actually do now although I know some people just think fat people eat and do shit all 24/7 but they are just losers) and see some results and no my hard work isn't for nothing :-) yay!

A lot of people who blog have their "wish list" of things so I think I might make one up and print it off and stick on my fridge so that way I have so motivation and a nice reminder of what I really want before I open that fridge and reward myself when I reach that goal - i.e. lose 10kg - buy a hot pair of shoes; do the bridge to brisbane - day at the spa retreat; do the noosa marathon - become queen?! haha maybe not that extreme but I think it is a good idea and I am going to start doing weekly weigh-ins starting from 2 weeks before my surgery which is actually 1 December whoa.

Well have a great day everyone and I will be back soon I am sure..



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