Monday, November 24, 2008

Where to start.. from the beginning?

So I guess everyone probably has had enough of wannabe writers blogging their crap all over the net and so did I.. until I became one of those bloggers.

Maybe I should talk about myself a little bit first...

My name is SkinnieMinnie* and I am fat. Not in the pudgy way like "oh should she really be wearing a dress that short?" but more like a "oh who let the Dairy Farmer's cow loose in The Met on a saturday night?" fat.. except I know on the inside I shouldn't look the way I do and definitely not feel the way I do. Which is why I have made a decision which has now led me to start this blog (which is more like a journal for me but if someone actually started reading it or posting comments it means I would have to continue so I figured if someone reads it then I have to commit, ugh!) plus I can do this at work :-)

So apart from being unhappy, uncomfortable and repulsed with my own self I really am your typical 21 year old female. I like hanging out with friends (except I can't stand being with them because I feel super huge compared to them), I like clubbing (except I never feel comfortable going out trying to cover up and making me way through the dance floor) and I love shopping (ha yeah right! Trying on clothes that don't fit, wondering if the store will stock my size, getting stuck in skirts that are too tight, having to pretend I am not getting the biggest size is great fun).. so maybe I'm not your typical 21 year old female.

After years of trying to lose weight via such methods like Weight Watchers, LiteNEasy, Jenny Craig, Lemon Detox Diet, 2 hrs a day in the gym starving myself kind of methods and have always failed so after putting on about 15kg at least so far this year I am having lap band surgery on the 15th December and this is my jurnee... and anyone else that wants to come on the jurnee with me.


*SkinnieMinnie is clearly not my real name but Minnie is close to my real name and just rhymes better.. I think I will reveal myself exactly 1 year from now...


LanniB's Battle said...

Wow not being silly but we sound the same person!!! I know what u mean about u love clubbing but hate trying to look good, spesh at places like the Met and actually ANYWHERE in the Valley!!! The train seat- its the most god awful feeling and then u stand because u dont want the embarrasment but ur feet are so sore!

So i understand you!
My op is the 8th dec so we must stay in touch! :)

Good luck hun!!!

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