Friday, November 28, 2008

Setting In.

So I don't really have much to say today, I'm exhausted and forgetting everything hmm - going to enjoy myself this w.end with yummy healthy food and wine as I won't be eating like this in a while which doesn't really bother me.

I think it is finally setting in that I won't be the same for much longer that this time next year I could be basically half my size and will practically look and feel like someone else. It is an exciting feeling knowing that food and my size won't consume me and that I can walk into any store and get anything I want off the rack and look forward to shopping like a normal 21 yr old.

Have a good w.end everyone :-)



LanniB's Battle said...

hey yeah its crazy how much support there is! and its so nice to have another youngen! :) woooo

Wow ur the week after me, so i will def have to let u know how i go!!! i broke yesterday and had a sausage in bread, and now feel awful for it! im soo panickin they will cancel surgery! noooo

Anyway, good luck with ur first day of Opti tomorro!

Wren Dillon said...

I'm in brissy to...want an exercise buddy some time?

SkinnieMinnie said...

haha don't worry about a sausage and bread Lani! Just think it will be the last one probably for a very long time eeek! Yeah I am getting really excited and its still 2weeks away, you must be so excited!

SkinnieMinnie said...

Wren - where abouts in Brissie are you?

ali said...

Hey, I've stumbled across your blog, and just thought i'd say hi..
good luck with the op

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