Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blue Skies.

Well I have been under a bit of snow cloud the past few days (thanks to L for the term hehe) but yesterday and today feeling better and can see the blue skies now.

I do have good friends, a loving bf, finally a permanent job and a few goals to keep me sane. I'm feeling good about food as well.

Today I've had a coffee & plum for breakie, 1/2 a sandwich & a pear for lunch, a sml hot choc around 4ish and then for dinner around 7 I had bbq pork noodle soup and some yummy vegetables!

Oh and at work today we did a fire evac so I had to walk down the stairs - from L38! It was 40 flights of stairs and around 3500 steps according to my pedometer. I have done 9398 steps today so yay. And my menstrual weight gain dropped down overnight so getting there. The rollercoaster is going up and looking up at the moment.



the smiling fat girl said...

I don't get a chance to hit your blog very often, but when I do, I enjoy reading your posts. You sound/read like a very likable person; I think you're cute.

Snow cloud, huh? My mom calls it "under a dark cloud". Always used to aggravate me when she would say, "what's up with your dark cloud?"

But, glad your snow cloud is lifting and the sun has begun to shine. Hope you have a wonderful day!


the smiling fat girl said...

tag, you're it! i tagged you on my blog if you wanna play along.


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