Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle.

Sometimes I feel as if my life & head are a Jigsaw Puzzle.

I have the outside pieces in place creating a border (which metaphorically I would say is me, my generic life, 22, girl, eldest child, 2 younger siblings, brown hair, green eyes blah blah blah) and some more pieces which don't move and are my life story but the rest of the puzzle pieces (the present & future pieces) are constantly moving and changing and I never seem to have it puzzle completed. And every now and then the universe (me again really) gets frustrated or sad about the puzzle and pushes it off the table so I start from scratch.

Well lately I the puzzle feels it is about half way finished. All the puzzle pieces have fallen into place this week and a handful a missing and I know what they are and how to get them to complete the jigsaw. Some pieces won’t fit for a while (like a pair of size 12 jeans) but I know the piece will go in there someday. Soon.

So basically my mindframe has shifted for the better. I was thinking positive but now I FEEL positive and it might seem like there isn’t much difference between the two but there is. A big difference.



Bridget said...

Its ALL about the head/mind. You get that switched on correctly then you can do anything!!

Bel said...

Hey Maddie!

What a great way at looking at our life journey, a puzzle.

I'm finally catching up on blogs thanks to the long weekend!

Oh, and you are a stunner! Beautiful girl!!!!!!


Diz said...

I'm with Bridget. Feeling great is so important...and the rest will follow.

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