Monday, April 13, 2009

Pics N Pieces

On the right is a pic of myself @ my 21st Dec 07 - I think I was about 90-92kg then. I am having trouble finding other full length photos of myself... but I know I can't fit into that dress anymore. I am going out Saturday night so I will try and get some full length photos then *shudder*...

The only thing I like is that it looks like I have some sort of resembelance to ankles going on haha.
I might use this dress as my "goal" dress - to be able to fit into it and then for it to be too big!

Update - okay cannot find any photos of myself completely full legnth. I will update soon but since my 21st I have gotten fatter. More pics to come soon....


the smiling fat girl said...

i think you look beautiful in that red dress. it's amazing just how pretty 200 pounds-ish can look! [or 90-ish kg]

keep up the good work!

farmer beans said...

Wow... that's around my current weight and there's no way I'd look that good in that dress even 10kg lighter!

Sounds like your weight is well distributed, which is at least healthy. I've piled my last 10kg or so largely around my middle, which means I can't hide it anymore and it's far more dangerous to my health.

We can do it...!

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