Monday, May 25, 2009

Sydney trip & going private

Well my Sydney trip was fantastic!

Was a killer getting up at 5am last Thursday to get to the airport but once I was in Sydney it flew by! My Sydney work team are so much fun and I had a GREAT time with my bestie Prue (another friend came down "with us" but ended up ditching us to hang with her brother the whole time because he was paying for everything - he booked her a limo from her hotel [which she ditched us for last minute as well] and didn't tell me and my friend Prue so we got a taxi while princess caught a limo by herself) Anyways she's been a spoilt princess for years and can't be bothered trying anymore but went to The Ivy on Sat night and danced and drank the night away.

Oh and I bought a dress from Cue! I have always admired their clothes and never thought I would fit into one but I do and I bought it on sale too double yay! I don't fit into all their size 14's but I fit into this one dress and I have to say I think it looks good.. I might take some pics.

We shopped/walked for about 8hrs straight on Saturday so I felt good for moving my butt. Eating was pretty good, I hardly ate but drank enough to make up for that oops.

Well off to the gym, I am more inspired to get into the exercise routine again since I want to buy more Cue clothes. Oh and I am thinking of making this a private blog - if you want me to add you, please email me or leave a comment with your email (I won't approve the comments so no-one else will be able to see your emails!).



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