Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cloud Nine and DOUBLE DIGITS!

Oh I love being on cloud nine.

It feels so good to be feeling good after a long dark period. But the dark cloud has made me appreciate the blue skies.

What I am grateful for:

- stable permanent job which I enjoy and am already being appreciated (they are flying me down to Sydney in a few weeks on a Thurs night to meet the rest of my team nd spend a day with them and my boss said I can stay till Sunday if I wanted to - obviously they will only pay for accomm on Thurs night BUT my bestie from Canberra is coming up and we are staying with a mutual friend who has a 3 bedroom apartment in darling harbour woohoo so I am uber uber UBER excited)

- great BF. Oh I am lucky and love him and appreciate him. He is so good to and I know which I am thankful for - a lot of girls I know don't appreciate their wonderful boyfriends

- friends are going well and making effort and I've made some great friend lately (you know who you are, Lady L) and I've had closure and resolved issues with certain friend
- weight... well according to the scales I am 99.7 kg! Which is yay because I am under 100kg. M weight loss has been a little slower than most people but whatever I am happy and know things are on the move and when I really get my ass moving it will be even better (I am still struggling with getting a steady exercise routine)

The past two weeks alone my mind has completely shifted (ok almost I still struggle with stuff... frequently lol) and I already feel my body thanking me for the mind shift and I am just happy right now :-)



Diz said...

So happy to hear things are going well for you. It's good that you appreciate the moments.

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