Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well I've just spent an hour with my friend who is pregnant - trying to console her.

Her scumbag BF (now EX), father of their unborn baby has cheated on her and for a while apparently, and with a mutual friend who knew she was pregnant.

At first I was pretty pissed with this homewrecker (don't worry her ex-BF has already gotten a mouthful and I blame him completely as well) but now I just pity her. Honestly I don't know what would posses a girl to sleep with a man who is having a baby. Clearly this poor delusional girl has issues because she is now bragging about how "she has won" and is in love. Sweety sweety sweety, thats not called love, its called wanting to get his d*ck wet. The funniest thing is she think she "has" him but my friend will ALWAYS be in his life, she is having his baby. And if he can cheat on his pregnant GF, what is stopping him cheating him on the silly little girl who thinks it is love.

I know some people will think I am being harsh, bitch, judgemental or whatever but I am upset for my friend, angry as all hell at her loser ex-BF and just angry/confused with this so called "friend" and feel sorry for someone who feels so low about themselves.

Deep breaths! Ok I have moved on now.


Beth said...

Sooo... if you fight over a turd and win the turd, what have you really WON? What an idiot...

SkinnieMinnie said...

HAHAHA Beth you summed it up PERFECTLY!

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