Monday, May 18, 2009

I did it!

I finally got my booty to the gym and worked my ass off for 30mins on the xtrainer. I know some people will be like that isn't enough or whatever but stuff you lol. Considering I haven't been in 2 weeks it's pretty good I did it.

I probably didn't choose the best week to get back into it - I fly to Sydney early Thursday morning for work and extending my work trip till Sunday so I can have fun with my bestie who is driving up from Canberra Friday arvo. But I am taking my exercise stuff and we're gonna walk around the harbour on Saturday morning and I'm gonna try to do a walk Friday morning maybe hit the hotel gym Thurs night if I'm not too tired.

Anyways feelin good peeps.



Beth said...

You know what? That is a heck of an accomplishment! GOOD GOING! Here's to the next 30 minutes. :)

Sarah said...

Hey I was just wondering, where abouts in brisbane are ya?


SkinnieMinnie said...

Hi Sarah

Can I ask why you want to know?

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