Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another piece of the jigsaw is in :-)

Another jugsaw piece went in yesterday :-)

Well the friend I have mentioned previously, was godmother of her child, best friends, suddenly ignoring me, her sister passed away etc etc well I emailed her when I found out about her sister and didn't expect anything back.

Got home from my BFs house last night (great w.end with him - so lucky to have him awww lol) and there is an email from her. Butterflies in stomach. Heart racing. Oh fuck. A part of me was expecting her to say " why don't you just F off and get the picture. Friendship. Over" but it wasn't. She said thanks for the support, her father (who had terrible advanced alzheimers [spelling?] and was unwell) has passed away and she hopes I am doing well. WOW. I was in shock and all of a sudden there was another piece in the puzzle, the skies cleared a little and I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulder.

Even if we don't talk again I feel like there is proper closure. This shit has been resolved and I feel good. Loving life at the moment. I can't make gym tonight but am going to do my pilates DVD now :-)



Bridget said...

Thats really really great.... I'm really happy for you that you got that closure :0)

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