Sunday, August 30, 2009


So the past week has been a good happy one :-)

Gymed 3 times, walked 2.8kms 2 times and played netball! Now for those who know netball, I usually play GS. A pretty low key position when it comes to moving around. Well this games I played GS then GA for other 3 quarters and it was hard but fuck I felt good after (except for when I got smashed in the nose and had a nice swollen blue nose for a few days) but feeling really good.

So I joined a new gym which I'm feeling great about (it has only been 1 week though). It's kind of like a curves (female only circuit training) mixed in with Weight Watchers). They weigh you twice a week, you talk with a weight/food/mind consultant twice a week, they also do your measurements once a month and have some really good motivation tools and challenges. So I went yesterday morning and apparently lost 700g in 4 days yay!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend - I have been having a great one.

Things I am grateful for:
1 - my family
2 - my loving supportive bf
3 - our adorable little town house we are turning into a home
4 - a job!
5 - happiness


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Fun

Hi Everyone

So this weekend has been great. It was my friend's hens night on Saturday and I had a massage booked Sat morning so after I thought I would have a little bit of a shop.

Bought myself this beautiful size 14 dress from Witchery (I'm no where near a size 14 pants and sizing is all over the place but I am sticking to witchery for dresses and skirts because they fit and look good AND even if size 14 in Witchery = size 16 or 18 in other stores, I don't care, the mental happiness and positveness I get from buying a size 14 is worth it). Anyway been eyeing this dress off for a while but never tried it on because I never though it would fit, I also bought this cute little casual dress as well. Only problem is sleeves. I DO NOT show my arms. I absolutely loathe them and find them utterly disgusting so everything I own has sleeves or I wear a cardi or jacket.. which makes it very uncomfortable in summer time but I'm going to work on my arms.

Also got my nails done at a little asian nail place but for $20 they look good. I am a serial nail biter but at the moment they are looking decent and having my nails done makes me feel so pretty and nicely groomed. Want to stick to it.

Also went out to dinner last night for my brother's birthday. Went to Mecca Bah. Mmmm my favourite place! It's a mix of turkish & morroccan food but I only had a mouthful of chicken and a few mouthfuls of brown rice and tabouleh, however, I drank SO much last night so there was probably a lot of calories.. oh well it was so worth it.

Almost exercised everyday this week, was sent to Sydney for work unexpectedly but I did a fair amount of walking on Friday and all weekend so not too worried. I have noticed a change in my body from just walking for an hour everyday but this week I am going to try to increase the exercise with some pilates & weights at night.

Feeling good (mentally) at the moment and that is my biggest battle half the time. Physically, well after 4 tequilla shots, about 6 hawian margaritas, 2 vodka & sodas and a few champanges, I'm feeling pretty damn seedy hehe

Hopefully I have some decent looking pics of myself and will post some new ones soon :-)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi anyone still reading this

Haven't been on in a while or even writing anything midly interesting but I guess my mind has been on other things, more important than the band... * gasp * haha yes my band isn't my no.1 thing in my life.. maybe it should be.

But every day last week I walked an hour, I walk 30mins in the morning to work and 30mins after work, along the river and over this great bridge with the sunshine in my face and I am loving it! It's 2.8km and I would love to be able to jog at least one trip by my birthday.

I also borrowed The Gabriel Method from the library - some may know about this book.. another weight loss book. But its more than that. Its a really simple, scientific, mental & emotional approach to weight loss and WHY you are fat, scientifically and I think its really helping my mind frame, which is my biggest trouble lately. I am letting everything get to me, scales, clothes, food.. just beating myself up but I am getting better.

If anyone is reading this, please let me know, I enjoy blogging (most of the time) but am losing the motivation these days.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why hello there...

Hey everyone

Well been offline while I move in with the BF - going great already :-)

Weight wise I don't know.. the scales haven't seemed to change at all the past month or so but I have to wake up and be honest. I am not putting any effort in. Sure I am eating well but I'm just not exercising at all and could probably cut back on some of the sweets.

I had a little break down with my band doctor and he was suprisingly really comforting and reassuring.

I have unpacked and settled and now have no more excuses and today in a fit of enthusiasm I bought some tights and slip on runner type shoes and walked 30mins (to a bus station) and I am aiming to do that at least either to or from work every day (maybe even both ways if I feel like it).

I am also reading a really good book all about getting the mind frame right so everyone please send me positive weight-losing vibes hehe

Hope everyone else is going well.

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