Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today has been good.

I had my work performance review which went great! Was so happy to hear such positive and encouraging feedback and even though my boss doesn't know about the band and is probably underweight (she has a few control/food issues) but I said how I really think this is going to be a hard but good year and I really want to focus on myself - work, study & fitness and she said she would support me in any possible way and reminded me to have more confidence.

Went to dentist to get the impressions for my splint - firstly she was great and explained how a lot of the facial and tension headaches are from my grinding/clenching and my splint should make a dramatic improvement and secondly I was only out of pocket $50!

So this arvo I have the worst jaw pain & headaches and probably feeling a little sorry for myself and just started to think about that old friend of mine who I no longer get to talk to - I guess this is a good time to learn how to take control of my feelings and not let myself get too down - and to try to move on from the friendship and acknowledge how much I have put it and put up with.

Oh well - I've been feeling happy & motivated today so not going to let it get me down. Shit happens and its not always my fault :-)


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