Sunday, January 24, 2010


Lately I have been feeling a little down but I feel like things are starting to look Up (and yes I feel like that grumpy old man sometimes hehe but he is so adorable awww).

I have just enrolled to do a night course so at the end of it I will have my Certificate IV in Project Management and then right after that I am starting my Advanced Diploma in Project Management.  And one of the great parts is work has verbally agreed (at this stage) to help fund my further education. Woohoo!

I am starting to feel like February is the month that I will get everything on a roll.  My knee is better and the UTI (urinary tract infection) I "got" last week is all cleared and now I feel like I can actually walk without the feeling of barbed wire on fire down there but moving on.

It's Australia Day on Tuesday (26th Jan) and I took Monday (25th) off as well so yay long weekend for me.  BF & I have decided to go for a hike tomorrow in some beautiful mountains so I shall take my camera and get my photography on and maybe post some pics of me getting my hike on (and I still need to post some pics of those nice cheap dresses I got I know).

Have a great w.end ya'll.


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