Monday, December 1, 2008

The End/The Beginning.

So I had a really nice last supper/farewell to food on the w.end hehe. Basically just enjoyed some nice yummy (relatively good) food and didn't gorge myself or over do it.

Now I am on shakes "full time" and forgot how boring they can be. I think because I have done them before I am perhaps not as motivated or really as determined - plus knowing I have a few nights where I won't be having a shake for dinner (xmas parties, my birthday, friends birthday and client functions) kind of helps but as long as I have a shake every other time and start up my exercising then I know I'll be ok. I went and did some laps yesterday and was on the WiiFit for an hour as well and I'm going to do the same tonight and do these really good/easy exercises which I know work (if anyone is getting back into exercise or just starting out - there is a book called the "28 Days Inch Loss Plan" and she has exercises for every day and they are all mainly just great stretching/toning and cater to any level - I highly recommend it).

I know I'm not really mentally prepared for shakes/new beginning today as I've had some personal stuff happen on the w.end which has claimed most of my attention/focus/energy but I'm hoping throughout today and tonight I will get a chance to sit down and really think about it all and be excited that in 2 weeks time I am getting banded and I want to make the most of it and start on the right path now.

Have a great day everyone :-)



Tracey said...

Hey there skinni minnie, thanks for the tip on the book. I have been banded for over three weeks now and haven't started any exercise at all. Whilst I am feeling fantastic overall, i am unmotivated to start exercising. Maybe that book will kick start me. I off to to see if i can find it.


LanniB's Battle said...

Hey Min!!!

YEh i am totally excited about the 7days! :) woooo wont b long and u will be there too!

As for being in the right mind frame, it is alot to get into shake mode but i guess if u know that u have to do it, u wil!! says me who ate a sausage in bread on the weekend! haha

Good luck, u can do it! :)



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