Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good week

Last week was a good week. Why you ask? Because….

1. I worked out 6 times!
Monday – 30min circuit @ gym (“circuit”)

Tuesday – 30min walk TO and FROM work + circuit

Wednesday – same as Tuesday

Thursday – 25min walk to work (same distance, just getting faster) + netball – first game back since not playing for 3 weeks

Saturday – circuit

Sunday – 45min med paced stroll with my BF (included some hills)

2. Weight loss

I lost 1.2kg!! However, I weighed myself Wednesday NIGHT and then Saturday MORNING so of course it probably isn’t that much but still seeing a loss on the scaled gave me a good mental boost. I am weighing again on Saturday morning so that will definitely count.

3. Good “mind appointment”

So another good session with the psychologist on Saturday J She is super supportive & understanding.

4. D&M with the BF

The BF & I had a good D&M and worked some stuff out and things can only ever improve.

Overall just feeling good about myself :-)


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