Monday, October 5, 2009


Well I went to the psychologist on Saturday morning and I am so glad I did it :-)

Obviously since it was the first sesh it wasn't very deep or full on but we did talk about some interesting stuff and I really think it is going to help me.

Physically I am feeling below average. Went back today and I have post-concussive syndrome which is basically all the symptoms of a concussion which can last from a few days to weeks to months. Headaches, nauseousness, dizziness and blurry vision as well as lots of trouble concentrating and can make you irritable and emotional.. well I've cried twice today so yes think I am feeling a tad emotional. Also not exercising doesn't help and I am feeling really sluggish but told not to do any exercise for at least this week and just rest. I am scared of the scales and goal I had before x-mas. My goal was 10kg by xmas if I work hard, I might drop it down to 5 - 7kg if I still work hard. I want this. I will get this.

Positive vibes please people (or even words).


Amy W. said...

I am glad you went to talk to someone! But I am sorry you are still feeling like crap physically. Dont worry about not being able to work out until you get the okay too. For real, the weight loss will happen and remember it is not some mad race and that life throws us wonderful fast pitch curve balls sometimes! You are will do this.

Beth said...

I started seeing somebody recently too. I seem to hit a brick wall about month 6, and the band is no different, apparently.

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