Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Right now, this is my motivation (in no particular order):

- The Biggest Loser (Aust): I know that their weight loss isn't realistic and for most of them even attainable, but I can't help to be inspired & motivated by it.
- Amy & Catherine: awesome.inspiring.honest. enough said. 
- Haley Lewis (picture): host of biggest loser. She is a former olympic swimmer who has had a weight battle but is now looking so freaking fit & fine.
- Attending a beach wedding in 13 weeks.
- My best-super skinny who loves to run and eat well-friend who is visiting in 12 weeks. I haven't seen her in about a year and I want her to notice an actual difference.
- myself: I want to look back on this year and be close to goal and know I worked hard no matter what size I am or what the scales say. I don't want to feel like a "failure" anymore.

Have my first night class tomorrow - kind of nervous but excited. Next few months will be hard with getting into a decent routine and money wise but it will be worth it. I can do it. 


Justyvonne said...

Wanted you to know that I did a segment on your blog on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel on the Weight Loss Surgery News. It's about halfway through and I hope you like it. You can see it here:
Great blog and can't wait until you find out why I like the name skinnieminnie! Blessings, Yvonne

SkinnieMinnie said...

Hi Yvonne - wow thank you so much for covering my blog - what an honour!

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