Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hullo all

Well I don't really have much to say but I feel like I need to say something or I will just stop blogging completely - maybe thats a good thing.

As usual my rollercoaster of moods is on a different path again! This time its a better one though.  I have been exercising a lot more and actually enjoying it!  Maybe its because its not at the boring gym but at home playing on the Wii.  I know some people believe the Wii isn't really working out and I agree the benefit of going for a walk outside is a lot better... for them (and for anyone but anyway).  But for me, getting home and wanting to go for a walk when its 30 - 32 degrees (86 - 89.6 fahrenheit) and the humidity is still around 60%, the wanting is not there.  But coming home, turning on the Wii (and a fan) and then walking on my Wii for half hour - always at least 3000 steps, then another half hour of "aerobics" and seeing roughly how many calories I've burnt plus some yoga exercises to un-wind is the perfect 1 hour and 15 minutes for me.

Also at work we are conducting an audit and about 250 boxes of files have been coming in the past 3 weeks and now we are sending them back (will take another 4 weeks till it is complete) so my normal work day is so much more active now.  I am taping & moving at least 25 boxes a day and walking so much more.  I keep forgetting to wear a pedometer and I think I might buy one of those technical heartrate/calorie/steps etc watches to see how much I burn during the day.

Eating has been relatively good too - just watching what/how/when/why I am eating.

Apart from that I have just been working/exercising/studying and its not too bad right now :-)  I am going to work on my CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and really focus on maintaining this positiveness and learning how to better deal with the downward ride of my rollercoaster.



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