Sunday, June 7, 2009

Band and Vomiting?

wowsers I have had a crap of a weekend lol

Friday night (around midnight of course) I got the feeling of gastro and yes I spent 6 hrs vomiting every 30 minutes. But... no vomit actually came out (sorry this is a bit gross). I was just dry-reaching and gagging the whole time and nothing came out. Was a very weird feeling and my chest/ribs are still sore from all the dry-reaching for 6 hrs. Has anyone else been able to have a "normal" vomit with their band?

Then on Saturday morning thought I was going to spew, jumped out of bed too quickly and pinched a nerve in my lower back. Holy fuck was that painful. Got my period this morning and having cramps all day :-(

But I was at my BFs house and he took such good care of me. Holding my hair back, rubbing my back and getting me a hot water bottle all weekend. As well as driving to the shops to buy me some lemonade for my tummy and hired some of my fave DVDs as a surprise to make me feel better. I.AM.LUCKY! Such a great guy so I'm gonna book some gold class tickets for us next week and take him out somewhere special.

Feeling better now, had some porridge before and felt good - just exhausted and a little sore still.

Hope everyones weekend has been a little better than mine!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry your not feeling well. You need to call your band doc ASAP !! Anytime you get dry heaves , or throw up you can risk slipping your band from that motion of throwing up . If its not band related even . So if you get the flu you most likely will have to get your band unfilled to protect it . I would call your doc ASAP . with heaves he might not unfill you but mine probably would.
Its best to call just in case ! I hope you feel better soon !

Beth said...

Wow, that's very strange. Are you going to call your doctor on Monday to find out what s/he thinks?? That just doesn't sound normal. It's certainly not a PB, especially if nothing came out. I would recommend liquids for a day or so after that much retching.

SkinnieMinnie said...

Thanks Mindy and Beth, starting to feel better. yeah it wasn't a PB, just a stomach bug but I'm going to call my Dr. tomorrow since it's a public holiday today. I was considering going to the hospital Friday night but I was at my BFs house and the closest hospital was 30 mins and well known for being a pretty dodge hospital. I'll let you know what the doc says tomorrow.

fifilaroach said...

i'm dreading the vomiting that i'm sure will come eventually. i only got my band 2 weeks ago, so i don't know when it will happen, but i do dread it. you sound like you're getting through it ok.

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