Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lets Get Physical... Physical!

So this week I have been to the gym 4 times :-)

Monday - 30mins x-trainer
Tuesday - 35mins x-trainer
Thursday - 40mins x-trainer
Saturday - 30mins x-trainer and 15mins bike

Soon I will look like this:

haha okay maybe not soon and maybe as never buff as her but her body is amazing and a massive motivation.
My eating has been good - the past few days I feel like I am hungry all the time - I think its the cold weather and I'm pretty sure I am due for my period soon so I know that makes a difference.
As for the scales - have barely moved but I know my body is changing and getting smaller. I think I will take my measurements again soon and compare (maybe after next week after I have had 2 decent exercise weeks). I am really hoping the scales start shifting too, I know its not all about the scales but thats the only measurement my Dr takes and people are so dependent on that stupid "significant" number on the scale so its hard not to ignore it.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Amy said...

I have got to find my tape measure! I need some NSV's too!

Awesome work.

Diz said...

Who says that won't be your bod one day? I think you'll achieve whatever body you want and I'm so happy for achievements. Rock it girl!

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