Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hello peeps.

Had a good weekend in general and food wise. Boyfriend and I have started looking at places to rent (few domestics but we will get through it).

Went to the shops on Saturday to put some dry-cleaning in and get some heels fixed. While I was waiting for my heels to be fixed thought I would pop into Sussans (some people think its an "old lady" shop but it's actually got some kind of funky stuff - plus they go up to a size 16). Anyways sale time and I had some $ from Medicare so I thought why not. Found a nice suede trenchcoat down to $50 - size 16.. awesome! No I nearly drowned in it. Was way too big! Tried a s14 dress on and it fit, almost looked a little big in places (and of course it wasn't on sale so I put that back). Grabbed 2 pair of pants (one stretchy and another cotton: the cotton pair were casual wide-leg pants - something I thought to wear around the house) they fitted :-) were too tight but they fitted woohoo! The other was a pair of those Harem pants (aka MC Hammer Pants - tight at waist band and ankles). Thought they would be hideous but they fit nicely (snug but not tight) and so comfortable and for 50% off - came down to $35 so I got them.

My sizing is all over the place but I know my body is changing, even if the scales aren't as quick but I don't care. Over my tummy bug, headaches, back problems and I'm actually keen to get into the gym this week and kick some ass and get healthy.



Anonymous said...

Sizing is going to start to get fun ! One place you will be a 14 the next a 12 then a 16 BUT wait , you can wear a 14 so over your dead body will you BUY a 16 again !! LOL
Sizing is screwy.
I went to target yesterday to buy some shorts. WTF is up with their sizes. Im in a 3/4 or 5/6 maybe ...
I had to go up to a 10 !! NOW granted Im On my TOM right now but MY BIG ASS will i buy a 10 ! i refused ! LMAO
my sister said she has to buy like a 5 there and she's a size 1 or 2 . But still ! Was NOT Doing it ! LOL
Congrats on the clothes !! Your doing great !!

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