Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here.

Ok well saw my Dr and had a fill tonight - didn't lose much weight the past month and I was scared about my Dr being all "hmm thats a little slow" like he did last month when I lost 3kg in 4 weeks (that is good for me) but he was surprisingly great. Said to me that I shouldn't worry or be upset because I might just be a slow loser (lol I know that but I'm sure he meant slow loser regarding weight loss, right?! lol) anyway said a loss is a loss and I should be happy.

I was pleasantly surprised. I have set myself a goal for for the next time I see him (4 weeks) so gonna start working my booty off and get it all together (it has slowly becoming together).

Hope everyone else is well - I'm still a little bored with blogging so please leave any comments - even tell me to shut up if you want haha.



Mary said...

Your doing great! I hope that my next fill will help me with getting some sort of restriction. I Need it! lol

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