Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Band Worry.

Grrr. I normally don’t blog at work but I need to vent.

Ok well if you read my blog semi-regularly then you would know on Friday night I had a stomach virus (gastro) which caused me to vomit from about midnight till 7am – although nothing was actually coming up. I think I forgot to mention that I had severe reflux from taking a nurofen before I got the gastro and it was severe pain but after some Mylanta it seem to go away and then I got the gastro (it wasn’t a few PB’s because the reflux taste/pain went away and pretty sure you can’t reflux every 30mins for 7 hrs and have that gross nauseas feeling for 7hrs).

I called my Dr yesterday (since Monday was a public holiday) and spoke to a nurse/his receptionist/PA (I think she is more receptionist than nurse but anyway). Firstly she is old – nothing against old people but I don’t think she actually understood what was physically happening to me. She said a nurse would call me today. After some helpful comments which scared me (haha thanks Mindy – no I know they were meant to be helpful) I called my Dr back. Same receptionist again. Ugh! She said “I’m sure your fine, you probably just ate too much”. It was a virus you idiot! I told her I wanted to come in to see my Dr tonight but of course she said he was fully booked blah blah blah. I was probably a bit of a b*tch but told her I had paid $5000 for the OP, I pay $130 every 5 weeks for a fill and I am concerned about me and my band – I WILL be seeing the Dr today. She said she would call me back.

30mins later she calls me back. Telling me I have the last appointment tonight at 6pm (hopefully I won’t have to work back and be late hehe) and then quickly mentioned she had a call from another patient who has been vomiting all night and it seems there is a stomach bug going around. ZING! Ha ha ha.

Anyways so off to Dr tonight – already feeling reassured (and more worried at the same time, what if that reflux pain was actually band slipping pain?!). Trying not to worry – I am sure it will be fine and I will get there, Dr will poke and prod and will be like you are fine you silly girl but at least I will know. Plus the “receptionist nurse” told me it would be bulk billed (for the US readers, that basically means that the bill will be sent to Medicare, a government health fund kind of and the appointment will be FREE!). YAY.

Wish me luck peeps – kind of scared :-(

Update - so I typed this at work on a blank email a few hours ago and I just tried to have some lunch but it has left my tummy with that weird "am I still hungry or full feeling".. not sure if this is anxiety, band issues or period tummy (my tummy goes funny with food during my period). Hmm hurry up 6pm!


Anonymous said...

GIRL you forgot to mention you had reflux too. I am glad your going on . What did they say ?
email me !

SkinnieMinnie said...

eek I never knew how serious reflux was (plus I never had it before) but I see the Dr in 4hrs time so will let you know as soon as I know. fingers crossed, I really don't want surgery :-(

Anonymous said...

reflux alone is not that "bad" its bad if it comes on all of a sudden, does not go away , comes along with vomitting . ANYTHING that comes up with your band that is " different" needs to be addressed with your doc !
I cant stress that enough. When i got reflux I KNEW after having it for more than a day that was different and unusual for me and needed to be addressed, yet i did not . That is when the issue became BAD . NOT talking to my doc about it . Does that make sense ?
OH and NOT telling him i was throwing up AND having reflux YOU MUST TELL HIM ALL the info !

My slip was my fault . Just be careful , be aware .

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