Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weakness and Port Pain.

Ice cream is my weakness.
I love love love ice cream but I need to start having it as a special treat only - not a "must" after every meal because I don't need it and now I'm normally too full anyway but I love this pic. I don't really like Kylie Minouge but ice-cream and chanel... what more could a girl want?!
Does anyone elses port/port site ever hurt? Since my train ride it feels a bit funny depending how I sit (yes I hear people go "well don't sit like that then".. such a mum thing to say haha) but just curious.


Anonymous said...

Ok this is my weakness now too. BUT was not before being banded ? WHAT is the deal ? I can eat half a gallon of chocholate ice cream in no time flat . I seriously have to not even buy it anymore and just buy it if im out.
ITS HORRIBLE . That and oreo's !
Glad its not just me though LOL

Shaggs said...

I never had a sweet tooth before but now I seriously lean toward the sweets - I dont know if its because they go down so well??? Is that really Kylie Minogue??? She has to lay off the surgery/botox. And yes my port site does hurt but only after I eat too much and although I'm not full in the stomach I am full in the lower abdominal area and (as the websites say) my "gullet" stretches and the port and scars pull - "ouch"! Its a delayed response and by the time I feel it its too late. i have also heard of a woman who dislodged her port after a particularly vigorous session with the hubs. Fun. Try not wearing a waist band for a week and see how it goes (dresses loose clothes). Good luck!

Beth said...

I too have been having issues with ice cream lately. I guess it's because it usually goes down easy, and as we get more restricted, it's one of the few sins we can partake in. ;)

Sarah said...

Occassionally my port area still hurts. Kind of like it is pulling on the muscle... but 9 times out of 10, it is ignorable if that makes sense!

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