Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Perception. (and Dr advice re vomitting).

Today has been an odd and "eye-opening" day for me.
A lovely lady at work told me I looked beautiful today. Straight out just said "maddie you look beautiful today".GOB.SMACKED.
Then I was sitting on the train home (after a very long day I would like to whinge, I mean add) and I saw this lady coming down to sit next to me and she looked like an average size and I thought, crap I am going to squash her. But I didn't. There was room between us.

I would really like to see myself in other people's eyes for a day. And see if I am as fat as I think I am (or worse, I think I look better than I really do eeek).

And spoke to nurse today - she wasn't very helpful but said if the band slipped I would know about it. I would be in a whole world of pain. Tummy still feels a little odd. Also I don't eat much during the day but at night time I seem so hungry and tend to eat more at night. Weird. I need to work on my night time consumption. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow and make it to the gym (altough I work from 7.45am till 5.45pm today without a break) so hopefully I will get a lunch break.


Anonymous said...

FYI , not to scare you , your band sounds fine since you can eat. But when i slipped mine i was not in pain at all.
You can read on my blog what happened but basically I slowly started to not be able to eat.
Then I got to where i could not keep liquids down at all.
But i was not in pain .
I was sick however from not getting in any calories. but i did not realize HOW sick until I started feeling better if that makes sense.
here are 2 blog posts that explained what happened to me

glad your feeling better though.

Mary said...

I want to see some pictures of you!! Your avatar picture is beautiful! anyhow I hope you are feeling better....

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