Monday, December 1, 2008

28 Days Inch Loss Plan

Hi again everyone

So here is the link to the book I was talking about - its also on Amazon and you could probably pick up a copy on ebay but my work is blocking those addys ugh

So anyway it is really good and so easy to do plus my fave part - you can do it at home while watching tv and it only takes about 15mins, doesn't even feel like your exercising but if you do it everyday and watch wat you eat (obviously most people will be on shakes or have a band) you will notice it really tones you. It also slowly builds you up so you're not stressing out over exercising or over-doing it straight away so yeah can't speak highly enough about it :-)

Also forgot to mention going to do weigh in/measurements after netball tonight eeek!



LanniB's Battle said...

hey are u on facebook? id love to chat proper!!! let me know im happy to give my details out if u want them?

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