Friday, December 19, 2008

What We Think We Become.

What a difference one day makes. Today has been my miracle day, if not today then tomorrow will definitely be it.

I slept through the whole night (well 6 hrs straight yay), had minimal pain today, finally opened the bowels (hahaha gross I know but it was really starting to fuck me off) and I think the swelling is going and I am up to 1/2 cup of fluids and slowly starting to get onto very very mushy food YAY!

The first few days was hard, I was questioning my decision and couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel but I can see it now and know I have made the right choice - its hard work and I am still learning about my band - I think I will always learning about it and I really really have to change my eating habits (my problem is I eat and drink too fast) so that has been a massive learning curve and I think will take a while before I master it - but I know I will :-)

I have my fisrt eating-out experience tomorrow night - sea food buffet for the boyfriends birthday with his family - hmm they have some sort of seafood chowder and a brisket (or howeva it is spelt) so I will be having that and a teaspoon of dessert - if I can fit it in lol I hope it goes well. Also want to say that my DB (darling boyfriend) has just been utterly amazing throughtout this, starting from the time I first mentioned I was even looking into it. I would hate to imagine how hard it would be without having the support of your close loved ones (says me who has only told 1 non-blogger friend lol and is already having to tell little lies about it hmmm I don't know what to do but will face that when problem when I get to it).

Anyways hope everyone is going well and anyone considering it - do it, no pain no gain and its incredible how your mind set changes after a few days :-)


P.S - I have been reading The Secret lately - yes stop the laughing everyone - at first I thought it would be a crock of shit too and a load of mumbo jumbo but the more I read it the more it makes simple sense. Basically it is all about what you think/put it out is what you get back. I've always believed that "if you think the worst, then the worst will happen", so why not think "if you think the best, the best will happen".. I can't believe I never thought of it like that, only the negative way, anyways I found this beautiful silver ring today with the words (of Buddha) "what we think we become" inscribed on it and it really appealed to me so I got it as my banding present :-). So if anyone has a few mental hurdles to jump maybe give The Secret a read or just watch the DVD haha slowly you will become more positive and I think it is another good tool for the mind to go along with the band. Just a thought, I know this spiritual crap isn't everyones cup of tea.


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