Friday, December 12, 2008

It’s the final countdown…

I have paid the $5,500 today. I have seen the dietician (“wellbeingtician” as I like to call her and who is super nice). Admission is done. Time of work is organised. My list of what to pack is done. My stock-up shop is half done. Whoa I haven’t felt nerves but talking about it now I am feeling quite nervous. I can’t believe I am getting a band. I am getting a band.


Okay calmed down a bit.

I saw my wellbeingtician yesterday and she was great. I thought she would talk to me like I am stupid. I am fat therefore I am stupid and do not know how to make healthy eating choices and lie on the couch all day. But no she was really nice and supportive and encouraging. I am sh*t scared hahaha. I really don’t want to be in pain and I want a speedy recovery.

Hmm looking forward to my w.end. Will be a nice fun enjoyable w.end before the big day and before my new life begins :-)



Tracey said...

Oh how exciting it is...I know, I still am!

My band has been in for five weeks now and I am still so excited about it being there as my backup buddy!

You are going to do great!

Good luck,

Katie said...

hey minnie, good luck with your surgery! as someone who was done just 2 weeks ago (and everything went well) my only advice is, don't leave the hospital in pain! ask for a morphine (or whatever it is) shot before you leave the hospital!

LanniB's Battle said...

Yay minnie! :) well done on the last couple of days, 2 big sleeps now!! :)

Day 5 is my miracle day for sure hun!!! wootwoot!

Hope ur weekend is amazing! just relax, dont get to nervous!

xoxox big hugs to miss minnie

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