Thursday, December 4, 2008


So when I wasn't living in Brissie, I didn't have a car and use to have to walk everywhere! My PT at the time suggested a pedometer. So I bought Pete and we were the bestest of buddies. He came everywhere with me, some would say we were joint at the hip (omg that really was lame haha). Anyways I was averaging at around 18000 steps a day and 10000 is what everyone should aim for.

But when I moved back to Brissie, Pete & I just didn't hang out anymore and we lost contact. But its all good because I saw Pete this morning and he's back on the hip counting steps. My goal is to do at least 10000 everyday before the op.

I think if anyone is having trouble exercising or doesn't know what to do etc just buy a cheap pedometer (or I'm sure Special K will have one in a box soon) and become best friends with them. It's a great indicator on how active you are being and good motivation too.

Have a great day y'all


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