Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i am in need of sleep, more pain killers and a better pillow! Ugh i have this around my chest, under my boobs that just won't go away.. Is that the band? SkinnieMinnie xx


Katie said...

hey minnie,

yes, thats the band:-) take the pain killers darl, what ever you need to feel comfortable. how many days ago were you 'done'? It does get better you know, I know that everyone is different, but I found that the big pain/pressure started subsiding after day 4.

Also, I found that a heat pack was great for the shoulder pain (if you have it) and I would often put a well wrapped ice pack over my wounds. Take it easy and you'll be feeling better in no time! I was only just done over 2 weeks ago, so its still all pretty fresh in my mind, so feel free to ask me anything you need to!

Good Luck:-)

- Katie xoxoxoxox

Tracey said...

Your stomach and esoephagus are swollen are the placement of the band. You will feel some tightness until that abates.

Don't forget to keep up your fluid intake and rest up!

The weightloss journey really begins once you are healed.


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