Thursday, December 18, 2008


hmm so just thought I'd write a little note about stuff so far.

I think me and the band are starting to get along. I now know I defintely tried to drink too much 1st day back home so I am getting use to sipping very slowly so yesterday and so far today I have been pretty good with keeping up fluids and taking my time, today I am going to up it to about 100ml and see how I go.

The pain isn't too bad - except the gas/shoulder tip pain. I've tried degas and peppermint tea but not working, going for a little walk seems to help but when I wake up with stabbing pains in my shoulder, I don't really feel like walking around the house for 5 mins haha but don't really have a choice, trying to cut down on the painkillers now, seems nights and mornings are the hardest time.

So a bit gross but as the nurse asks "have you opened your bowels"? umm no! I've tried prune juice, mild laxatives, warm water but NOTHING and it just so annoying having that clogged up feeling so hopefully that will sort itself out soon, real soon! haha

hmm can't think of anything else right now but thank you to everyone for such nice & supportive comments and I hope everyone is going well on their band-jurnee.



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